A Hybrid Solution to Gaining Global Leverage

The Challenge:

Selfridges & Co. at $6 Billion is the largest luxury fashion chain in the world (owned by the Weston Family). It includes stores in Canada, Ireland, UK and Netherlands under the respective brands of Holts, Brown, Thomas, Selfridges and De Bejinkorf. With varying in-source and outsource solutions in play, the company wanted to develop an understanding of how outsourcing could improve supply chain performance for better global leverage. SCA was asked to develop a new strategy for this endeavour.

How we solved it:

A three point process was applied to meet the challenge:

  • Effective methodology.SCA led a global project team and developed the methodology to collect all key business requirements, costs and productivity analyses. We engaged the 3PL market to understand regional strengths and synergies between the various retail and supply chain requirements.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence.We applied a process of weighting/scoring of an initial RFI enabling a wide selection of interested 3PL responses. A short list was developed providing a focused RFP process, culminating in a final country selection being made.
  • Creativity.The best solution required creative thinking and exploration. The result was selection of a hybrid combination of regional and global players.