Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say.

The Dufresne Group

“Working with Supply Chain Alliance was a solid enhancement for our operations planning process. As a provider that we selected to add; knowledge, perspective and expertise, I found SCA’s biggest differentiation to be the flexibility and attentiveness that they showed to the specifics of our organization throughout our network planning initiative. This approach of balancing industry expertise, with our unique specific organizational requirements, elevated the value that they provided as a strategic partner.”

Ian Ahvenniemi
Vice President, Logistics
The Dufresne Group

West Marine

“We recently engaged Supply Chain Alliance (SCA) to focus on two areas of our business, one on our current Upstream Planning processes, systems and policies and two, to lead an Operations Turnaround & Stabilization effort at our Distribution Centre in South Carolina. The DC Operation was experiencing seasonal peak volume through the facility and challenged to keep up in meeting customer and store order fulfillment. Inventory flow and mix from a planning and vendor through DC to store fulfillment perspective had fundamental gaps, due to many changes in staffing and absence of a common methodology and system for ensuring optimal inventory management through a peak season.  

The Upstream Planning Project uncovered a number of key issues and SCA provided pragmatic recommendations and roadmap incorporating best practices in Retail and Omnichannel Forecasting and Replenishment.

The DC Stabilization Project saw SCA provide best practices in leadership in Distribution Centre Operations and Safety, LEAN Management, Labour Planning, and other foundational elements missing from our operation. SCA not only brought the top subject matter experts in each area but implemented the changes, through a trusted, professional and measured approach to the workforce of over 350 associates. The  Distribution Centre performance through this time while they were engaged and responsible for the facility, saw overall facility productivity improve by over 300%. Process changes and accountability had resulted in a more productive environment and lift in morale. Upon completion of the project they left behind a complete set of Standard Operating Procedures for the internal newly hired leadership. I would be pleased to recommend this firm for any company looking for an effective and experienced team for making substantive improvements in your supply chain performance and raising the bar in your operations.”

Rick Jess
Senior Vice President (former)
West Marine

Roots Canada

“Working with the Supply Chain Alliance team proved a highly productive step forward for Roots. From the outset, they demonstrated an authoritative command of all things linked to a supply chain while also taking the time to fully determine our challenges, needs and opportunities. I appreciated their attitude and way of working and how they quickly understood the Roots culture as they found a way to become part of our team. They were good to their word, delivering what they promised, on time and on budget. Thanks to their involvement, we made significant improvements in our entire transportation system and  they helped greatly in determining our needs for an improved procurement system”

Don Green
Roots Canada Ltd.

Roots Canada

“In 2014 Roots formed what became an excellent business partnership with Supply Chain Alliance who were contracted to perform an end to end assessment and recommended road map for our supply chain activities. Very quickly they became members of the team highly regarded for their subject matter expertise as well as for their willingness to listen and understand our business. They stayed true to their commitment and having delivered the first set of objectives have since gone on to drive the project and change management of a second major initiative. The team at Supply Chain Alliance always kept the customer in the room and did what it took to get the job done on time and on budget and in many cases that meant going above and beyond expectations. They have been great partners in helping us to build the right foundation to carry us successfully into the future.”

Wendy Bennison
Roots Canada Ltd.

Bombardier Aerospace

“We had constraints in the logistics flow between our main parts storage warehouse through to the production line on the Q400 Aircraft program. We had too many days of inventory on the line which caused delays and inefficiencies. Supply Chain Alliance reviewed the current flow and constraints and working together with our team, developed a more organized and visible flow to production. This included, setting up a line side Stores as well as introducing a new process that reduced the number of days of parts presented to production. Senior Leadership commended the changes made on our line and were quick to mandate the same process across all production lines at the facility. We found SCA to quickly understand our key issues and come to solutions that were leading practices.”

Aidan Fitzpatrick
Logistics Manager
Bombardier Aerospace – Downsview

Mastermind LP

“We engaged the team from Supply Chain Alliance to assist with the development of a Road Map, during a period of significant growth in our business. The company had charted a path of store development across the country, and it was certain that all of the logistics functions including distribution centre operations, inbound and outbound transportation, and the use of value add service providers required change. The team dove deep into the data to develop a sequenced plan which we approved and went into implementation. The on-site individuals transitioned quickly from the strategic to the tactical level, integrated well with our folks and we completed the Phase 1 work on time and on budget. Most importantly change has stuck with our people, and we see the benefits daily.

We’ve moved on to Phase 2 with SCA, and view the team as trusted advisors and true partners in every sense of the word.”

Henry Greisman
Vice President, Merchandise Services
Mastermind LP

Superior Gas Liquids

“We have worked with SCA for the past few years, specifically on the transportation component of our business. We have found them professional and have an understanding of best practices in terms of Transportation Procurement and Strategy. Our business has benefited substantively from their involvement and would reach out again for support where needed.”

 Stephen Dobbelsteyn
Director Transportation
Superior Gas Liquids

Polaris Industries

“There are three reasons why I would hire Supply Chain Alliance again – People, Product and Partner. The SCA team is not just a team of analysts. They have years of experience in the field of supply chain and you will sense this the first time you talk to them. The end result that they present is more than just a summarized version of a network study. The SCA team will give you information you can take action on. They know your business and will be able to answer the tough questions. In the end, you will find you have a partner at the table with you, helping you navigate and visualize your potential moves.”

Paul Eickhoff
Director, North American Distributions
Polaris Industries Inc.

FGL Sports and Marks

“Supply Chain Alliance has been a trusted and valuable resource to the FGL Organization and supply chain team. They bring  real life experience, strategic thinking and proven implementation skills. They have been integral to our supply chain success wherever we have utilized their services.”

Keith Lambert
Senior VP Supply Chain & General Manager, Atmosphere
FGL Sports and Marks (divisions of Canadian Tire Corporation)

New Flyer Industries

“Supply Chain Alliance helped us validate and understand our distribution network model and  build a multi year plan to support our business grow.   In working with them to build and validate our model we have developed a deep understanding of the key cost drivers and have begun to more actively manage them as part of our daily management routine.”

Ian Smart
Executive Vice President
New Flyer Industries

City of Edmonton

“The City of Edmonton engaged Supply Chain Alliance to provide expert consulting services supporting a major municipal supply chain transformation. The scope of this engagement was comprehensive, covering an end-to-end optimization of the City’s fleet parts management program (which supports the maintenance of over 4600 vehicles and equipment assets). The engagement encompassed people (structure, roles, skills), business processes and information systems.
A unique feature of this engagement was that SCA not only provided expert consulting services to guide the future state parts strategy, and also provided leadership and support throughout the implementation of all optimization recommendations.

The City of Edmonton is completely satisfied with the services provided by all members of the SCAP engagement team, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Dan Lajeunesse
Branch Manager, Materials Management
City of Edmonton

Husqvarna Group

“When we approached Supply Chain Alliance, we needed to make a thorough assessment of our whole logistics structure in Canada. It became clear that warehousing and logistics was a key strategic factor to support the level of competitive advantage we needed for market share growth and success. SCA helped us conduct a very detailed analysis of not only our current business, but modeled a pragmatic roadmap to support our projected growth.

Because the analysis and modeling was done at such a detailed and operational level we used their plan as an execution platform. Since then in a very short time frame, we have consolidated 3 warehouses, outsourced operations where appropriate and implemented efficiency improvement projects along with the right metrics to track our progress. We have been working hand in hand with SCA, and they have proven themselves as a strategic and valued business partner for Husqvarna Canada.”

Claude Picard
President (former)
Husqvarna Group

Maple Leaf Foods

“We hired Supply Chain Alliance to conduct work related to warehouse design and possible outsourcing of our warehouse operations. SCA was professional, knowledgeable, credible and detailed in their work at every stage. Each SCA resource brought experience and know-how from real-life experience. They were able to produce high quality work in a short timeframe and became a business partner in our strategic journey towards a new distribution network. The SCA team brought the practical approach that was required in this project and the partners of the firm brought just the right amount of senior level involvement.”

Kerry Oliver
Senior Director Supply Chain (former)
Maple Leaf Foods