Design and Engineering

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Distribution Network Design and Optimization

  1. If we were to optimize our distribution network, how many facilities do we need, what would be the approximate square footage, where should they be located?
  2. What would be the annual operating costs of the new optimized network?
  3. With this new network, what would our transportation network look like in terms of modes, shipment sizes, volumes?
  4. What customers could be served from each distribution centre?
  5. What would be the impact of the new network on the amount of inventory required at each facility?
  6. How would the new network improve service levels to our customers?
  7. How can we optimize and redesign our transportation network to reduce overall costs and what actions need to be taken to implement these changes?

DC Sizing and Material Handling Design

  1. How much square footage do we need for our Distribution facilities, from a real estate perspective?
  2. What is the optimal material handling design for the type of products we handle?
  3. What would be the capital cost, as well as ROI and payback, for a new facility and optimal material handling design?
  4. What would the annual operating budget be if we implement this new facility and design?
  5. What productivity and throughput gains can be delivered with this new design?
  6. What kind of performance metrics should we be seeing from the material handling equipment and design as well as our direct workforce?
  7. What would be a short term strategy for current facilities and operations until we can develop and get approval for a consolidated operation?