Supply Chain and Operations Strategy and Transformation

Successful planning starts with knowing the right questions to ask.

Supply Chain Strategy

  1. To support our business objectives and growth, is our supply chain evolved enough and capable of performing to expectations?
  2. What does our future state supply chain look like?
  3. What gaps do we have in our supply chain and over the next 3 years how do we build capability?
  4. We need to have supply chain management as a core competency but where can we leverage others for speed, acceleration, capacity and technology?
  5. What is the supply chain roadmap and execution plan for us to successfully deliver the company’s business plans and objectives?

Supply Chain and Operations Transformation

  1. Sequentially what are the foundational building blocks and how do we speed implementation?
  2. What are the measurements we need in place to ensure we are moving the dial at the right pace?
  3. How do we engage our people in ensuring we are deploying leading practices and setting a continuous performance culture?
  4. How can we transfer key skills from SCA to our key people in our supply chain organization?
  5. What is the business case for outsourcing a component in our supply chain?
  6. How can we credibly and with integrity begin influencing those stakeholders both up and downstream into the change process?
  7. How do we manage the change process while we still run operations?

Logistics Outsourcing Governance

  1. Is outsourcing a viable strategy and solution for our company?
  2. How can we best offset risk yet gain additional capacity and capabilities in an outsourcing environment to support our business objectives?
  3. What key considerations are taken into account as we consider outsourcing?
  4. What is the timeline, sequence of activities and gameplan if we want to pursue this direction?
  5. What is the business case for outsourcing a component in our supply chain?

  6. What activities should remain under our control and how do we raise capabilities in these areas if these should be core competencies?