Supply Chain Specialists

Regulated Commodities

  1. Food – Our supply chain consulting work with dairy producers, meat processing companies, bakeries, require our staff to comply and reference the regulations and compliance in the development of all our solutions, whether that be food safety, temp controlled transportation or other specifications required
  2. Liquor Distribution – Our multiple engagements with four of the Provinces on Liquor distribution, warehousing and inventory management has provided a solid backdrop to the security and unique attributes of the Liquor Distribution is Canada and the provinces.
  3. Tobacco – One client engagement was developing a Distribution Network and DC Design for one of Canada’s largest tobacco producer. Unique security, storage and high value / risk mitigation in the design of the network had to cross the facility and into the transportation network
  4. Pharmaceuticals – Our Lead Associate Partner was responsible for the development and buildout of the McKesson Distribution Centre in Canada and was the Director managing the day to day operation. Narcotics, and highly regulated drugs, security, GMP standards and design on safety was critical to the security of this commodity
  5. Cannabis – We have supported the launch and operational design for a Western Provinces’ start up for the Cannabis commodity this year.  For the same province we reviewed the distribution requirements and contract for a 3PL relationship that would be start up strategy for this province.  We are currently providing advisory support and market research for a private equity company looking to acquire logistics assets in the US for Cannabis distribution.