Supply Chain Systems

Design. Standards. Process

ERP and Merchandising Inventory Systems Selection

  1. What is the best method of objectively and efficiently developing the business requirements to enable our company to engage the ERP or Supply Chain Software vendors?
  2. We need someone to help us manage the RFI / RFP process that is focused on the initiative and can best represent our business to the vendor community?
  3. What technical elements need to be in the RFP and how do we best state and format those needs?
  4. What is the best methodology for us to “score” or weight the RFP elements and our selection criteria?
  5. How do we best leverage the process to ensure we include expectation of performance as well as leading us into the negotiation phase once we have selected a vendor?

Best Practice Design & Blueprinting

  1. How should our “order to cash” processes be designed to ensure speed and efficiencies both internally and to our customers?
  2. How should we design our Sales and Operations Planning process through Demand Planning / Inventory Replenishment and Finished Goods Deployment?
  3. What are appropriate best practices that we can incorporate into our Logistics Execution process blueprint before finalizing with our software supplier?
  4. If we fundamentally change our Buying processes and accountabilities to a more centralized model what will be the organizational impacts that need to be aligned with the new processes?